Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Organic Fashion in Canada - Eco-friendly Fashion and Elroy Apparel, Independent Fashion from Vancouver

Eco-friendly fashion has made its mark with many top Canadian designers. Many fashion designers are reducing impact at the source by making conscious decisions to use more environmentally-friendly materials. Yes, we know...there's been a lot of hype about organic and sustainable fabrics. But wait, there's more! If you haven't actually felt the fabric bamboo or soy, now definitely is the time.
Introducing Elroy Apparel from Vancouver:
Elroy Apparel is much more than just another clothing line. The company was developed as a stand against impending environmental destruction. By providing socially responsible, health conscious women with fashion forward, eco-friendly clothing we have created an alternative. A beautiful garment with an even more beautiful story behind it.

Everyone should feel good about the clothes on their back. (Elroy Apparel)
The Gin Lady . com has more to say : We met up with Nicola from and told her all about Elroy Apparel. The Gin Lady . com is a newer blog which focuses on eco friendly fashions. You can read more about Elroy Apparel and her wonderful fabrics here.

Elroy Apparel wholesale information can be found through Cancon Fashion.

Enjoy !

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