Monday, June 1, 2009

Canadian Eco Fashion

Canadian Eco fashion is on the rise, and it's not just a trend.
From bamboo fabrics, to recycled polyester, eco textiles are advancing fast. New fashion forward collections are now not only about the design, but also about which new fabrics the designers have found. Not just the look, but also the feel. Not only the garment, but also why you should choose to invest in it.
It's exciting times for Canadian fashion indeed, as designers and their demands are changing the textile industry one season and one request at a time.

Lilikoi from Vancouver uses soy and organic cotton, blended with a small amount of spandex to create a piece from her latest collection. So far, I can't see that anyone has figured out how to make spandex eco friendly. Spandex is usually only 3 percent of a garment. 97 percent sustainable fashion is more than welcome in my wardrobe any day. For wholesale eco-fashion or to purchase Made in Canada Eco Fabrics, please visit Cancon Fashion