Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Farahbella, Independent Womens Fashion from Japan

The Farahbella line is an independent fashion from Japan. I'm in love with their designs, ... gorgeous!

The image of the "Farahbella woman" is someone who is expressive, thoughtful and daring. She is a woman who uses the art of fashion as a vehicle to express herself. Farabella's designs allow the female form to beautifully reflect the dichotomy of the nature of the cosmopolitan woman. The brand creates an undeniable chemistry that exudes passion, creativity and intrigue. Farahbella places high regard on the fit and comfort of the clothing, prototypes are repeatedly reviewed to ensure a flawless fit. We are confident you will love your new Farahbella piece.

Entering their third season, the latest Farahbella collection features silhouettes that are minimal and bold yet hang gracefully to create an overall elegance that is both edgy and timeless. You can preview the line at Farabella, or shop direct at Mudshark Streetwear

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