Saturday, May 17, 2008

Peel Design - Vancouver Fashion - Organic Fashion - Eco-Fashion

The Peel Label was launched in the Fall of 2004 by Vancouver designer Megan Berks. The line has become synonymous with classic style and lovely details, resulting in clothes that will stand the test of time. Peel's Spring 2008 collection delivers a fresh and feminine vision inspired by the simplistic beauty of nature and the outdoors. It's perfect for travel to exotic locales, or to the next beach party or backyard barbeque. Soft, flowing fabrics and fun, feminine prints dress creative women who appreciate the balance of simple fits and ornate details.

Peel Designs is available online at Mudshark Online - Featuring Independent Canadian Designers

Friday, May 9, 2008

Eve Gravel - Montreal Fashion - Independent Fashion - Designer Fashion

Spring has Sprung, and so has the Eve Gravel collection. Eve Gravel is quickly becoming recognized as one of Montreal's most successful up and coming designers.
Gifted with uncommon creativity and a great vision, it's hardly a surprise that her clothing design is catching like wild fire.
The Eve Gravel Spring / Summer 2008 line certainly is no exception. It's more of an addiction I think.
" I create my collections based on what I experience and what I feel , " explains Eve Gravel. "There are days when I feel like a woman, and others when I feel like a tomboy or a mischievous child. For me, fashion is a way of expressing a full range of emotions."
Today, the young designer's eccentric collections are eagerly awaited each new selling season by her clientele and fashion experts alike.
The Spring / Summer Eve Gravel Collection is available through Mudshark Online - Featuring Independent Canadian Designers
Eve Gravel wholesale information can be found through Cancon Fashion.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bodybag by Jude - Montreal Fashion - Canadian Fashion - Designer Fashion

The Bodybag by Jude clothing line was founded in 1995 by daring and avant-garde designer Judith Desjardins, under the name of Jude Clothing Co. The line found its true identity in 1998 with the creation of the Bodybag label. Bodybag is the external layer of an awareness rooted in insight on things transient and permanent, on life and death, on the beauty of humans and the world that surround them. The Bodybag look is reknown for the styles cut from various styles and materials, allowing the sense of detailed chic and sensual well being to shine through. Noteworthy is the ingenious combination of materials such as knittings, microfleece, denim and corduroy. One sees more than merely zippers, hoods and elegant lines, but the very definition of the Bodybag aesthetic. The elements with which each woman can express a truly unique style.

Bodybag by Jude Clothing can be purchased through Mudshark Online - Featuring Independent Canadian Designers

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anastasia Lomonova - Montreal Fashion - Independent Fashion - Designer Fashion

The Anastasia Lomonova line boasts confidence in every piece. Alluring and sexy, compliment all around,

Anastasia Lomonova is based downtown Montreal, Canada.

This collection is both luxurious and comfortable. Beautiful printed silks, pure cottons will make you feel light and sexy during the hot sunny days while slinky jerseys will add sensuality to your evening attire. Inspired by all things "summer" and tailored to perfection, each piece is bound to be a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

After moving to Canada at 17, Anastasia studied fashion design at Ryerson University in Toronto. A few years later she decided to move to Montreal! Here, she completed internships with designers Valerie Dumaine and Nadya Toto while working various part-time jobs in the evenings. Having worked briefly for a fashion company on Chabanel Street, Anastasia decided to embark on a long-term dream of creating a clothing line of her own. In March 2007, aged 23, she launched her first collection under the Anastasia Lomonova label. Now available across Canada, in the United States and on-line, Anastasia's pieces focus on individuality, outstanding design and femininity – most importantly, making the wearer feel beautiful and unique.

Anastasia Lomonova Designs can be purchased through Mudshark Online - Featuring Independent Canadian Designers