Friday, May 9, 2008

Eve Gravel - Montreal Fashion - Independent Fashion - Designer Fashion

Spring has Sprung, and so has the Eve Gravel collection. Eve Gravel is quickly becoming recognized as one of Montreal's most successful up and coming designers.
Gifted with uncommon creativity and a great vision, it's hardly a surprise that her clothing design is catching like wild fire.
The Eve Gravel Spring / Summer 2008 line certainly is no exception. It's more of an addiction I think.
" I create my collections based on what I experience and what I feel , " explains Eve Gravel. "There are days when I feel like a woman, and others when I feel like a tomboy or a mischievous child. For me, fashion is a way of expressing a full range of emotions."
Today, the young designer's eccentric collections are eagerly awaited each new selling season by her clientele and fashion experts alike.
The Spring / Summer Eve Gravel Collection is available through Mudshark Online - Featuring Independent Canadian Designers
Eve Gravel wholesale information can be found through Cancon Fashion.

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