Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bodybag by Jude - Montreal Fashion - Canadian Fashion - Designer Fashion

The Bodybag by Jude clothing line was founded in 1995 by daring and avant-garde designer Judith Desjardins, under the name of Jude Clothing Co. The line found its true identity in 1998 with the creation of the Bodybag label. Bodybag is the external layer of an awareness rooted in insight on things transient and permanent, on life and death, on the beauty of humans and the world that surround them. The Bodybag look is reknown for the styles cut from various styles and materials, allowing the sense of detailed chic and sensual well being to shine through. Noteworthy is the ingenious combination of materials such as knittings, microfleece, denim and corduroy. One sees more than merely zippers, hoods and elegant lines, but the very definition of the Bodybag aesthetic. The elements with which each woman can express a truly unique style.

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