Sunday, March 2, 2008

Revolve Clothing

Revolve Clothing Company is progressive clothing design for the conscious mind. A Canadian collection of eco-friendly women’s tops, tunics, dresses and men’s t-shirts adorned with awakening graphics, Revolve engages the mind and the body.

The Revolve signature is symbolic graphic design. “Symbols influence our subconscious mind,” says Lara Stephenson, founder and designer. “They invoke memories from our past and stimulate our present. Because the subconscious makes up about ninety-five percent of the mind, the power of symbols on our well-being is infinitely strong." The graphic designs often have a thoughtful phrase or positive word worked into a symbolic image.

Revolve attracts socially conscious women and men aged 16 to 35. Fashion-forward, unique and passionate, they strive to improve themselves and their communities. Revolve helps them positively connect with their world and express themselves through their clothes.

Authenticity - living in a way that aligns our inner and outer selves - is in demand today. A part of this growing era of awareness, the Revolve Spring/Summer 2008 collection features sustainable eco-fabrics, including bamboo, soy and organic cotton blends. Their garments are printed with environmentally friendly, water-based inks. The entire collection is designed and manufactured in Canada.

“Our clothing is part of a movement towards awareness,” says Stephenson, “a shift towards responsible yet stylish clothing.”

In business and life, Revolve Clothing Company is committed to a culture of evolution.
To preview the collections you can visit RevolveYourWorld or Mudshark Online.

Drop by the Revolve studio in Toronto's west end for their Spring Is Coming Studio Sale! Shop from our Fall/Winter 2007 line at 50% off and browse through our brand new Spring/Summer 2008 collection!

Visa, Mastercard and Cash will be accepted.

Sale hours:
Thursday, March 6: 5pm-8pm
Friday, March 7: 5pm-8pm
Saturday, March 8: 1pm-4pm

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