Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sparrow Handbags - Organic Fashion - Eco-Fashion - Sustainable Fashion

We met up with Sparrow Handbags, and took a few bags home for ourselves !!!

"sparrows commitment is to create beautiful things from organic & sustainable materials and without the use of any animal products."

designed and produced on these principles, sparrow handbags was created and launched its first collection in 2007, providing stylish handbag alternatives for the conscious consumer.

sparrow handbags is located in beautiful victoria british columbia. each bag is handmade in canada with special attention to detail and quality construction as well as style and functionality. careful consideration is made when choosing materials for each collection to ensure they meet sparrow’s standards and principles.

in addition to being passionate about fashion, sparrow is passionate about the well being of animals and the preservation of the environment, which is reflected through all aspects of the company. it is with hope that each consciously created sparrow bag will elevate consumer awareness.

about the designer...

at a young age marlena taught herself how to sew by laying out fabric and cutting around articles of clothing, then without direction she would sit in front of the sewing machine and sew together the pieces. from early on she knew she would pursue a career in fashion, textiles and design.

born and raised in toronto, ontario, marlena attended george brown college where she studied fashion design and furthered her studies at blanche macdonald in vancouver bc. during her time in vancouver she worked as a retail merchandiser and visual coordinator for a global fashion retail company and was sent to work in berlin, germany.

upon completing her schooling marlena launched her own clothing line which she ran successfully for over 5 years and was sold in boutiques across canada and in the usa. sparrow handbags is her latest venture and passion. realizing a void in the industry for stylish eco friendly and vegan handbags marlena has created sparrow handbags first collection and is already making a well received impression.

well done Sparrow !
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