Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kitchen Orange Clothing

Kitchen Orange Winter collections have arrived ! The wait was worth it. This season, the kitchen orange clothing line boasts a wonderful mixture of fashion forward comfort and eye catching design.
As always, most of the Kitchen Orange clothing line has been manufactured in Canada. Well done guys ! By manufacturing locally, we can all feel a little more connected to both our fashion choices and also to our community. The line also promotes eco-fashion with a large part of each collection boasting new and improved fabrics which were created by the company themselves.
If you're feeling cold and need some fashion comfort, I strongly recommend the Kitchen Orange winter line. It's beautiful.

Retail sales - www.shopkitchenorange.com
Kitchen Orange wholesale information can be found through Cancon Fashion.

Keep your eyes on this company, from what I hear there's a lot of excitement surrounding the label right now. More to come...

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