Sunday, August 24, 2008

Valerie Dumaine Clothing - Montreal Fashion - Independent Fashion Designer

* Valerie Dumaine - Just released, ... Valerie Dumaines' Fall 2008 / Winter 2009 collection has just arrived at

It's Valerie Dumaines second season on the Mudshark site. The collection seems to have really made a mark. The response for the line has been nothing but amazing. "Valerie Dumaine's line projects an image of confidence, with clean and elegant lines, embellished by a careful finished touch. Inspired by the past, the designer is a master when it comes to mix and match styles, creating refined and bold garments." We certainly already have a few of our favorite pieces in the closet, ... but nothing they didn't have doubles of. We're confident these new Valerie Dumaine designs are sure to peak interest with a fashion forward clientele and repeat clientele from previous purchases. We are happy to introduce the newest collection from Valerie Dumaine, available now at Mudshark Online

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