Saturday, February 23, 2008

Independent Fashion Designer - Scandal House Designs, Toronto Fashion

We just received some positive feedback on a jacket by one of our featured designers - ( we thought we would share ) ...
Item reviewed - Paper Doll jacket by Scandal House Designs ..... Toronto
Available for sale at DesignersConnect
Style: Paper Doll Jacket Retail Price: $220 CND Content: 100% Wool Light Weight Coating outer shell and 50% Silk / 50% Cotton Black,Grey and White pin-striped lining. With Black buttons. Colours: Grey Description: Very tailored fit with front and back panels on torso. Cropped Hemline on jacket and sleeves. Jacket should sit around your natural waist and sleeve hem sits around 3-4" past your elbow. Cropped sleeve and jacket hems work well with layered looks and pairing long gloves or arm warmers. Double breasted closure with large buttons and smaller matching buttons are placed on side of built up collar. While the other collar edge pulls through button hole for a inspired paper doll tab look on neckline. Neckline is finished on the inseam with the lining for a silky touch around your face and a funky open collar look. There is also a CB box pleat for extra ease when fully button. Excellent jacket for all season's! Cooler summer days or Brisk Fall and winter days when layering is essential.

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Jennifer Kirk Photography said...

Perfect all season jacket for west coast weather, I have one of these and I wear it all the time!
(Jenn in Vancouver)